NOW AVAILABLE: For the Antithrombotic/Anticoagulant Market – A SnapShot analysis of HCP targeted promotional messaging and DTC initiatives for 2016.

The antithrombotic/anticoagulant market was steady in terms of volume during 2016, with the notable addition of Yosprala from Aralez Pharmaceuticals, which was launched in Quarter 4 alongside the new “Protection is Mutual” campaign. For the most part, imagery remained consistent across other brands, such as Effient’s “Boxing” theme and Savaysa’s “Ampersand” campaign; however, AstraZeneca presented the new “Everything” theme, and Janssen added Jerry West to Xarelto’s “Celebrity Spokespeople” campaign. Janssen also maintained its status as leader in terms of the proportion of promotional volume received as it emphasized real-world outcomes within Xarelto’s campaign. Products changed hands as Chiesi acquired Kengreal from The Medicines Company and Aralez Pharmaceuticals obtained Zontivity from Merck. Support and savings were priority topics across brands, along with messages of efficacy, safety, and dosing, primarily directed toward healthcare professionals. Updates to the 2016 ACC/AHA Guideline and the 2016 CHEST Guidelines were also discussed. AstraZeneca continued to compare Brilinta favorably against Plavix, which received a revision to its indication, and BI heavily promoted the availability of Pradaxa’s reversal agent, Praxbind. Additional insights into marketing strategies and channel utilization are available with a subscription.

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